Thursday, 14 April 2016

It Will Be Fine

A dear friend had something really rubbish happen to her. The kind of Pull the rug out from under her feet, life changing rubbish that no one deserves, least of all my kind lovely friend. So of course I wanted to make her a quilt. But, within a few days of the rubbish event, she had already made plans to travel, quit her job, go off by herself and have an adventure. Brave woman. 

So, not a quilt, a cushion cover that could pack down small, and be filled with jumpers if need be! 

So I pulled out some scraps, including hedgehogs- she had a pet one! - and some Cotton And Steel Lucky Strikes to wish her well, and started...

An hour later I had this 

And an hour and three quarters after that I had this 
Fully lined, quilted, with a button back.

I was pleased with my speedy work. She loved it. She has a positive, determined attitude. Life has given her a massive pile of lemons, but she will make lemonade, she will eventually be just fine.

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  1. Love it! Such great fabrics and a really thoughtful gift for your friend. Wishing her the best in her brave adventures! Thanks for linking to le challenge!

  2. I really love the fabrics you have chosen. What a lovely thing to do for your friend.

    1. Thank you Mrs Jones - making something soft and cosy is the least I can do. Also she has pink and blue hair so I matched the colours to that!!

  3. Thank you Lucy! It's my first LeChallenge entry!

  4. Pretty cushion cover! Well done!